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Preparing for Care
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Here are some salient points to consider, we call this the "Assessing Quiz".  If you can answer all of these - you're off to a good start!  These are only the basics of what you need to know and have in your grasp, with our services we will discuss the intricacies of what you need to know when you contact us.  If you don't have these basics covered, please do not wait to contact us.  Do not feel bad - those feelings will only be much worse later.  If you do have these answered, we can show you the next steps and find ways to assist you.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.
General Issues:
Are you the primary caregiver?
Do you have any family members to support you?
Do they live in the same state as your loved ones?
Do all family members share the same feelings about caregiving?
Have you heard your loved ones say "I do not want to be a burden to my family"?
What is your loved ones financial situation?
Is there a list of assets (including value and location)?
Do you have a list of income sources from Social Security and pensions monthly and yearly income and expenses?
Do they have a statement of networth?
Do you know the estimated costs for your loved ones current and future needs?
Are either of your loved ones Veterans?
Do they have Long Term Care insurance?
Are you aware of the following VA Programs that they might qualify for?
Do you know who would manage your loved ones financial/legal matters should one parent die or have a debilitating illness?
Do you understand the legal documents required to assure that your loved ones receive the care they want and that their finances are taken care of?
Do your loved ones have an updated Will?
Do they have a Living Will?
Have you viewed them and know where they are kept?
Do your loved ones have a signed Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters?
Do your loved ones have health care Power of Attorney for medical decision making?
Is your loved ones home paid for or do they currently have a mortgage?
Is the house safe for your loved ones to live in now or in the future?
Do your loved ones want to stay in their current home with home modifications for safety?
Do you know the difference in independent living assisted living shared housing and nursing home care?
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