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Preparing for Care
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Senior Care Advocate. We Help You Plan For Your Loved Ones
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Let A Senior Care Advocate Help You With Elder Care

When it comes to making arrangements for a loved one who needs support, let the empathetic staff at Preparing For Care help you find the right direction. Finding the right elder care at the right time can be a confusing and painful path. We understand because we've been there before. Let our senior care advocate help you find what makes sense for you and your loved one. We'll provide the support and direction to help you make the right decisions for your loved one. 

What Is A Senior Care Advocate?

We've gone by a bunch of names- senior care advisor, geriatric care manager, eldercare specialists or senior care advocates. The label isn't as important as what we do. We provide education, guidance and support for spouses and adult children who are taking care of a loved one struggling with elder care issues. From dementia care to helping select the right assisted living  or other level of care decisions to explore, Preparing For Care will walk you through the many aspects of a proper aging plan to help address the tough issues we all face as we age. Too many people wait for an emergency to begin making decisions for appropriate care of a loved one. Working with a senior care advocate can reduce the chances of impulsive and possibly regretable decisions- not to mention wasted money. We can help you think of resources you might not otherwise think of and avoid wasting time. Let our experience guide your own with all your elder care planning. Our senior care advocates can help you decide what's right for you and your family member.

“No one ever plans to fail, but many people fail to plan”

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What Does A Senior Care Advocate Do?

Preparing for Care provides much needed education, support, and guidance to people who are facing tough issues regarding healthcare, home care, assisted living arrangements, memory care or other issues related to aging. It's during these tough times that we could all use some experienced guidance. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Aging Plan Development
  • Independent Living Arrangements
  • Assisted Living Tours
  • Senior Care Referral Services
  • Eldercare locator services
  • Eldercare referrals- elder care lawyers, gerontologists, VA benefits contacts,long term insurance providers, etc.
  • Geriatric Care Liaison- we can help communicate your needs to various providers
  • Support- we're more than just a wealth of helpful resources. We understand what you're going through on a personal level.

Whether you are a spouse taking care of your husband or wife or an adult child trying to make decisions about how to care for an aging parent, Preparing For Care can help you get organized in a stressful situation and plan appropriately. Don't wait for an emergency to prompt you to plan for your geriatric care. Let us help you with all your senior care planning. We service families all around South Carolina and Georgia, but particularly in the Greenville, Anderson, Lexington,Charleston & Richland areas. Call today for a free phone consultation.

Need An Elder Care Locator Service Or Senior Care Services?

Sure, help is out there. You just have to find it, and that can take time and energy that you just don't have. We've been exactly where you are now-in need of help with no one to turn to. You need more than just a faceless name on the phone. Our passion is to share our knowledge, experience and insight with you so that you can avoid the pain and guilt of making costly mistakes. We will help you locate the right elder care services and determine what makes the most sense for your loved one. We know what questions to ask and how to go about making the tough decisions. Let us guide you through this process. Call us today! 

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