For seniors, the comfort, safety and independence of their home outweigh the desire to move.

The 2019 COVID-19 emergency strengthened the desire seniors have to age in place, an already favorable position among older adults. In fact, according to a 2021 survey by American Advisors Group – AAG over 90% of seniors prefer to remain in their homes as opposed to moving into an assisted living facility.

To age in place, you need to be able to identify resources, you need to be able to navigate the health care environment, and it requires planning and a budget.

What Caroline does is meet with the clients, establish goals and identify their vulnerabilities. Our services are designed to work in conjunction with each other so that we can help you manage chronic conditions long term in the home. 

Seniors prefer to remain independent in their homes as long as possible. The right planning will allow for that.

Things we review and assist with:

Taking Care of Yourself – proper diet plan, food programs, exercise plan, medications, personal alert systems, etc., 

Caring for the Home – adding assisted living devices, furniture and interior arranging/adjusting, general structure care, lawn maintenance, housekeeping, etc.

Finances – deciding on a budget, insurance, setting up bill pay, etc.

Social Actions – setting up a support system, activity plan, companion care, transportation services, etc.