Overview of Our Senior Living Services

Our services can be customized to each individual family’s needs.

Not sure where to start?

Preparing for Care has developed a team of expert resources to meet your needs – from gerontologists, eldercare lawyers, long term care insurance providers and financial planners.

It all begins with a conversation – between your family members and Caroline. Her experience and knowledge of this process will help you and your family to have a better understanding of the process to come.

And the conversation should lead to a plan.

“A good plan can mean fewer accidents and a longer, improved quality of life for both you the caregiver and your parents,” Virginia Morris, AARP author in How to Care for Aging Parents writes.

Our Primary Services

Starting the Conversation

Caroline will meet with the adult children to discuss their answers to the aging quiz.  This will help to better understand the knowledge of their parents communication plan with all family members which is vital for an effective plan for senior care. We will help you begin to talk to your parents about the difficult topics and facilitate the discussion as need.  Our service will create an Aging Plan for you and assist with the implementation of the plan every step of the way.


Preparing for Care will direct you to a  home modification specialist to ensure safety of the senior within their home environment in regards to design and build modifications. We will deliver reputable home care companies to provide caregiver services both medical and non medical.


Preparing for Care will provide you with a list of all the documents you need for every step of this process.  We will also build you a support network of physicians, elderly lawyers, support groups and financial planners you will know you can trust.



Determining the best housing option for your parent takes time and knowledge of the various options that are available: Independent, Assisting, Nursing and Rehabilitation. Caroline’s father has lived with her for four years, lived in assisted living, and was in rehab for three months, so she has the experience of dealing with the emotions that are tied to each individual placement. You won’t find that level of support from a faceless franchise. 

The most important thing you can do for your aging parents, your own family and most important yourself is this:  Step in and be prepared for what might come. You will find yourself taking on a strange new role, at least for the moment; – these conversations force you and your parents to acknowledge that they will decline and need help and that they are indeed mortal.