It is a must to understand the seniors finances so plans can be made in advance for long term care and living. 

Caroline and Preparing for Care will assist in the conversation about money,  which can be a sensitive, but very important and necessary discussion, especially when it’s between a parent and a child. Often parents feel attacked or questioned when this is brought up and Caroline can help by mediating and explaining from personal experience the importance of this conversation. 

Caroline will help families understand different costs involved such as those for independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled care as none of these are covered by Medicare. 

Another area Caroline can help with is long-term care policies.  Most seniors who have policies are lost when it comes to how to start a claim and more importantly how to get the policy approved, which can be an extremely difficult process. 

For families doing longer term planning, Caroline can work with you to minimize potential caregiving hardships and help put you in touch with the right people to create a plan that allows your senior to live in the geographic and residential location that best fits their wishes and finances. 

Bottom line is Caroline will assist you in developing an affordable plan so you can be assured you/your family member receives the care that is needed over the time needed.