Carmen Sims

Dear Caroline:

I am writing this letter with thanks and gratitude for the help you’ve given me with my husband, Jack. While navigating in these rough waters, your expertise, the relationships you’ve fostered in the health care community and your advice has been greatly appreciated by me.

I don’t think anyone is truly prepared to deal with Alzheimer in a loved one, until it happens. We can read about it, we can hear the stories of others who have dealt with this unforgivable disease. But, until we experience it ourselves, we just don’t understand the devastation it brings to a family. As Jack’s disease escalated and as I tried to deal with it myself, I came to learn that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I am grateful to my daughter, Michele, who highly recommended that I consider utilizing your services. In doing so, I learned that the clarity you brought to helping me arrive at a workable solution has been a true blessing.

Please feel free to use me as a reference when talking with other prospective clients who are considering your services. You were an advocate for Jack and me, and I am now an advocate for you and your services.

With many thanks,

Carmen Sims