Holly Grove – Atlanta, GA

What a phenomenal daughter Bob Scranton has been given! How many daughters actually pay to get formally educated to better assist their aging fathers? Caroline graduated from CNA school to learn how to attend to his needs the best way possible. He has been living with she and her husband for 4 years now. This daughter opted to have him with her for the rest of his life. She fondly calls him Daddy with her southern drawl and he lovingly forgets all she does and refers to her as a “great maid”! She bites her lip and yells to him “I love you Daddy”! We should all be so very blessed to have someone this special in our lives. I know I am thankful to call her both a new friend and a lifelong friend. In my business of medical staffing, I obviously am around caregivers daily. I have yet to find a more dedicated and loving person than Caroline Scranton Bell.

Holly Grove