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Testimonials - Who Else Says So?

Last year I needed to find someone very quickly to care for my husband, who has Alzheimer's, so that I could return to work.  A mutual friend suggested I call Caroline Bell and Caroline very quickly responded.  She came to our home and evaluated my husband and, within two days placed two of the best people I could have possibly hoped for as my precious husband's caregivers:  Audrey Jackson and Jim Jones.  These folks and my husband were a perfect match.  Caroline, Audrey and Jim went above and beyond to make my husband's days so much better than they could have ever been with anyone else.  It is with pleasure and gratitude that I recommend Caroline Bell as a competent and caring evaluator of your unique situation.  You can count on her to provide people who will be a perfect fit for your loved one.  Don�t be surprised if her recommendations become more than excellent caregivers, but members of your family. 

Linda Wilson
Anderson SC

Having always enjoyed volunteering in my community, it has been a joy to me to see my daughter in laws caring spirit. She made her Father's life as comfortable and loving as humanly possible. She truely took all responsibility for his security and well being. Her patience with him had no bounds. She kept him smiling and that should be  a model for us all.

Harriett Bell
Greenville SC

I call Caroline my "Maven" because she knows "where" and "who" and "what" about everything for Seniors.  If she doesn't immediately know, she knows how to find it. Caroline has always sent little gifts, encouraging notes and information about businesses that would benefit me to age in place in my lovely home. Caroline found my perfect home and was very proactive about me being in a place where I would be safe for a long time.She truly enjoys doing something kind for other people.  If she sees a need she automatically finds a solution.  Helping others makes her happy.

Reba Darr 
Atlanta Ga

My name is Pierrie Smith. In 2011, my sister Jill Austin and I contacted Caroline Bell looking for skilled care for our aging parents. Caroline came to my parent’s home for the interview so not only were we able to meet and talk to her, my parents were able to do the same thing. Caroline was able to provide multiple well trained CNA’s as well as personally attending to our parents. 

Caroline would drive to our parent’s home and spend time with them out of the kindness of her heart. She quickly became a welcomed friend and someone they looked forward to sitting and drinking coffee with.

There were times my mother would call one of us requesting help with my father and all Jill or I had to do was call Caroline and everything was handled quickly and professionally.

Jill and I live outside Atlanta, Georgia while our parents lived in Fair Play, South Carolina. Having Caroline Bell just a few miles down the road was a deciding factor in the decision to move forward with skilled care provided by her. 

Pierrie Smith
Fair Play, SC

What a phenominal daughter Bob Scranton has been given! How many daughters actually pay to get formally educated to better assist their aging fathers? Caroline graduated from CNA school to learn how to attend to his needs the best way possible. He has been living with she and her husband for 4 years now. This daughter opted to have him with her for the rest of his life. She fondly calls him Daddy with her southern drawl and he lovingly forgets all she does and refers to her as a "great maid"! She bites her lip and yells to him "I love you Daddy"! We should all be so very blessed to have someone this special in our lives. I know I am thankful to call her both a new friend and a lifelong friend. In my business of medical staffing, I obviously am around caregivers daily. I have yet to find a more dedicated and loving person than Caroline Scranton Bell.
Holly Grove
Atlanta, GA

It has been a pleasure having Caroline in my Gerontology class for 2009-10.  From the time the class started in September 2009 until we ended in 2010 Caroline has had major changes in her life.  These include addressing her elderly father’s needs, moving to a new location and starting a new business.  I have been very impressed with her approach to these changes in addition to taking the Professional Development in Gerontology class.    When I think of Caroline, I think of Resilience.   The two definitions of resilience as defined by Martin Seligman, PhD, are “being able to steer through the daily stressors of life” and “reaching out to new experiences”.  Caroline’s success in accomplishing the requirements of the gerontology class in addition to the other changes in her life is due to being able to call on the abilities of resilience.  She is able to think comprehensively and accurately about the causes of problems and she believes in her ability to solve problems.  I know she will succeed in her business venture and will be able to use what she learned in the class.

Patsy Matthews, M.Ed.
Kennessaw, GA

Caroline from Preparing  for Care was instrumental in helping me find an attorney who specializes in Elder care to assist me with getting me added on to an Power of Attorney for my father. She is also always there to listen and can empathize because she has been there with her own father. She is truly following her calling and I would recommend anyone who needs advice on with senior planning to seek her expertise. 

Freda Merck
Clemson, South Carolina

I  firmly believe in  "Divine Alignment"   We are all on a life path, and people come onto our life path at just the right time.  55 years ago my husband to be, came onto my life path and I onto his as our paths intersected.  We began our journey together.  7 1/2 years ago he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, then progressive dementia, and finally Alzheimer's.

After an extremely rough year, our daughter introduced us to Caroline Bell. She joined us on our life path at exactly the right time. It was an Divine Alignment. Caroline is a wealth of knowledge, and along with that is a person who is compassionate and caring. If she doesn't have the information you need she doesn't stop until she finds it. If you are a caregiver, Caroline is the person to call.

Avis Lawson
Anderson, South Carolina

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